Tips For Men On Dating Apps From 30 Plus Women

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This should be quick.  Probably not as quick as women swipe left on dating apps but alright…

Women sometimes lower their bars on dating apps and end up matching with men who are not that impressive by their profile. This is because women want to give a chance to the guy by having a conversation. Contrary to what men like to believe, it is not their looks that makes them not find matches or get unmatched or ghosted. It is their behavior!

Some  guys get very excited that finally they have got a match!! More than excitement, they are probably in a state of shock!

Kaun hai who jisne dobara mud kar mujhe dekh liya! Who is she???

They cannot curtail their excitement. They badly want to meet or talk now, and ensure that the girl does not lose interest.  This is where they screw it up.

Here are some very basic tips for men.  Guys, I will tell you everything that you are doing wrong! You can thank me later.

Tell me more about yourself

You don’t know the woman. So you can keep initial conversations on neutral topics like travel, interests etc. Nothing too personal. Don’t directly jump into “Tell me more about yourself”. This is not an HR round interview.

U thr?

Y do u tlk lyk dis? If u tlk lyk ths i wll nvr b thr!!

This is the most irritating way of texting. Didn’t you go to school? Weren’t you taught to write in complete sentences or words?

 How much time will you save by skipping vowels? If you are on a dating app messaging unknown women chances are you are not a space mission!!

This is the best way of getting yourself unmatched instantly!

But you are so pretty!

“And I am just average…” Men use this line if they see a match way out of their league. They are worried that the woman shouldn’t get too disappointed if she ever sees them in person, so they feel this line will prepare the woman. It takes care of flattery also and keeps the expectations low.

Now, use this one sparingly.  Use it once, she will say something  like she cares about intelligence or kindness or any other non-shallow remark. Use it again and again and it will just remind her that you are way below her standards!

She will also start wondering if it will be terrifying to see you in person!

Confidence is sexy. Self-doubt is not! We will get to over-confidence also…

Guess you are too busy!

Guess what! A woman with a job, interests and friends will maybe not be on a dating app 24/7! Does it occur to you that someone could actually be non-desperate?

Some guys are so insecure that the woman has too many matches and therefore is chatting with other guys. Well if you keep the conversation going despite the delayed responses from her or remain silent if you don’t get a response, at least you stand a chance.  But by saying “Guess you are not interested” or “Guess you are too busy”, you just won yourself an UNMATCH! Congratulations!

See the problem with experienced women is they don’t have time for your impatience and immaturity. They know if you cannot even handle a late text response then you are egoistic, insecure, impatient and immature and you will only get worse. It will be a disaster to date you!

Some tips on creating the profile

Group pictures

It is highly avoidable to put group pictures where you are the least good-looking of the lot! This is for obvious reasons!

Pictures with women

I don’t understand why some guys put up pictures with a woman. What do they want to show?

I was with some woman, maybe even if it was for two seconds for a pic! I am therefore dateable! Women love me!!

Some men even put pictures with a foreigner woman!!

By the way, have you taken approval from your ex, friend, current, unknown woman before putting her picture on your dating profile?

I want to eradicate poverty!

I want to do something for the poor! I want to feed the needy!! Relax, Mother Teresa! This is not a third grade essay!

My mom says this…

If you mention anything about your mother on your profile you are instantly rejectable! Nobody cares what your mom thinks! And FYI women hate Mamma’s boys!

Voice prompts

Don’t talk about bad dates, bad women, bad sex especially when it looks you hardly get any!!!

Also it is disrespectful.

Something between the sheets

I don’t know if this is some new or cool way of saying that you are looking for something casual.  If you couldn’t find a more crude way of saying it, the only person underneath those sheets would be you! Let the woman figure out on her own that you are an A*&h*&@!!

Don’t make it so obvious!!

So good luck guys! Wish you many more matches!


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