I like to write about socially relevant issues in India that we often hesitate to talk. I believe that sharing helps healing. 

In India, there is a stigma attached to so many subjects. Women, especially are conditioned to not express themselves. There is so much we would like to say but end up holding ourselves back because of fear of judgments.

The posts on this site are categorised into different topics such as relationships, marriage, depression, abuse, gender equality, being single and much more. Some posts are random – my thoughts on anything and everything around me!

I would like to create a platform where we can share and discuss our stories (with a lot of respect and less judgment).

Welcome to my blog.  Feel free to share your views. If you would like to share your story on my website, please email me at writetowhynotsayit@gmail.com.

I have won the following awards for blogging:

Orange Flower Award for Best Upcoming blog – Winner 2016

Orange Flower Award for Social Impact – Winner 2017

Orange Flower Award for Creative Writing – Runner up 2017

Orange Flower Award for Social Impact – Winner 2018

Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity – English Blog – Winner 2020

What Our Readers Say

Tanvi Sinha has always been among the most popular writers here at Women’s Web, and her no holds barred writing has won her a legion of fans. Months after her posts are published, readers continue to comment on how inspiring they have found her work to be. It is perhaps because she doesn’t hesitate to draw from real life – her own experiences as well as those of others, and use them to highlight concepts that may be new to many readers. For instance, her post on why women being solely responsible for wedding expenses is actually a form of dowry, certainly made many think anew.

I Started Writing Because I Was In Pain” – Tanvi Sinha, Author of the Month, October 2017

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The writer has won awards for Best Upcoming Blog and Social Impact reach in the years 2016 and 2017 respectively. Her blogs cover a diverse range of topics and there is a specific section for current Issues in India that talk about societal stigma, women and their challenges as well as gender equality. She is a passionate feminist and her words carry the ability to make you think