The New Love

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They were both wearing black from head to toe.  The guy looked very tall.  The girl was tall too.  She was wearing a black long dress with slits on the sides. Her hair was curly and long.  Her eye makeup was very heavy for her small eyes. But nonetheless it looked attractive.

They started out decently.  The guy ordered whiskey.  The girl’s drink had a pretty umbrella, lots of ice and a fruit sticking out of the glass.  She was sipping gently.  The guy could not get his eyes off her.  They ordered something light. Some finger food.  She did not want to eat much. Another round of drinks was ordered.

Slowly the guy’s hands moved to her thighs.  Caressing in a consistent upward rhythm.  She ordered one more drink.  She had stopped eating completely now.

She took her sling purse and got up for a trip to the ladies room while he watched her back as she walked.   She came back,  her lipstick brighter than it was before.  Her hair which was partly tied was now completely loose.

The guy was running out of places to touch her in public, oscillating on the thighs and arms.  He ordered another round of drinks.  She kept looking at the mirror in her tiny square compact to check her face. What was she checking again and again? Food on her teeth?  A drop of water on her lips?  She was barely eating. One seductive bite and it was offered to him.

This time he had ordered a Long Island Iced Tea for her.  Over the next 15-20 minutes, she went to the ladies room four times.

She couldn’t possibly be using the washroom so many times. What was she conscious about?  Her makeup?  Was she putting on perfume each time?  If only someone could tell her…

Whatever little imperfections you are worried about girl, he is not even noticing. He is intoxicated. Just enjoy the moment.

At another table was another couple.  The lady was wearing a nice top.  Fully covered and classy.  It must be expensive.  The gentleman was also very well dressed.  They must have been married for more than a decade.  They barely spoke to each other except for the time they briefly discussed the menu.  Both of them were busy looking at their phones throughout.   The waiter came to ask them how the food was.  The lady say something about ‘spicy’.  That was the only time the gentleman acknowledged her.  They had ordered a proper meal.  Both of them ate well. The man had ordered beer. The lady’s drink looked like it had cranberry. Time had stopped on that table. The only sound was the sound of cutlery.

The other table was getting hotter.  Had it not been such an upscale place, probably they would have received a lot of stares.  The guy finally asked the waiter to get the bill.   There was still a lot of food left.  The waiter asked if he should parcel.  The guy said no.  He had called the waiter rather abruptly.  The girl’s drink was easily half full.  She started drinking hastily. Maybe they were couldn’t bear it anymore.

The older couple had finished dinner by now.   The gentleman asked for the menu once again probably to order dessert.  The wife was not interested in dessert. She didn’t even look at the menu.  The waiter made a few recommendations.   The husband wanted to order something but then decided otherwise.

They had reached quite late.  It must be a work night for them.  Hardly an hour and the dinner was done.  No food left.   No waiter. No menu.  They were now stuck with each other.  The silence must be overwhelming.

They couldn’t bear it any longer either.  The uninterrupted company of one another.

A few minutes later a waiter  sneakily brought a cake.  It was not one of the menu desserts.  It was a proper cake inside a white box.  The lady managed to smile.  The gentleman thanked the waiter.  What was it? Their anniversary? Her birthday?

They waited for another 15 minutes.  In between there was a brief conversation between them. It was 11:30 pm now. They both kept looking at their watches.  Finally they decided they could not wait till midnight to cut the cake. The gentleman looked at his wife.

“Chalein?” His eyes asked.

“Yes please! ”  The wife’s unsaid words.

A finally nod from the husband and they both walked out. Him first. She followed.

The hot couple was also leaving by now.  His arms around the girl’s waist. Where were they heading? His place? Her place? The girl stopped by the ladies room one final time.  She must have put perfume or maybe even a breath freshener. It would probably be the first time they would be together.  She wanted it to be perfect.  So many makeup checks and dress checks  and breath checks. Was it necessary? He was soaked.  Soaked in new love. They would have a great time. Whatever it would be, it could not go wrong. The excitement. The curiosity.

New love.  There is no feeling like it.

The two couples ended up in the same elevator.   The hot couple would have probably liked to be alone in the elevator.  They behaved in the presence of the other couple.  Their eyes still gave them away.

What happened after that?  Nobody knows.  Was it the first and the last time they were together? Did he call her back? Did he ghost her?  Did they continue? What if one of them would wanted more and the other did not?

Maybe it doesn’t matter.

The older couple waited for the valet to get their car.  They drove home. Nice and safe.  Nice and comfortable.  Nice and predictable. Nice and boring.   No surprises.  Acceptance.

Maybe that was their drug. Acceptance.

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