Scoop Review: Easily The Best Hindi Show Currently On OTT

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When I first saw that there was a show called Scoop on Netflix,  I was not keen.   One of the reasons was that I did not think I could sit through a show with Karishma Tanna as the lead.  I have only seen her in Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi. Somehow, since I had nothing else to watch, I started watching it.  It starts off as a decent story.  I was not really sure where it was going and whether it would keep my attention. Somewhere before third episode, I noticed that the casting mentioned something about it being based on the true account of Jigna Vorah’s ‘My days in prison’.

I told my mother, “Maa, will she (Jagruti Pathak) go to Jail?”

The very thought was shocking. An innocent woman, a hard-working journalist, a single mother with a loving family will go to jail?

The moment a senior journalist gets killed; the story picks up.  But once Jagruti gets arrested, it goes to a different level altogether.  I had tears in my eyes more than once. This is undoubtedly one of the best Hindi shows on Netflix in recent times.

Each and every character is so well defined. They all have their own motives.  The screenplay is very intelligent. The audience needs to pay attention and keep track of the different theories going around. The show has also stayed authentic. I have not done my independent research, but the way it was presented shows that they have made it sensibly and not taken unnecessary liberties.

Karishma Tanna looked beautiful and has done such a tremendous job. It made me think that she has such potential and until she got this role, her talent was totally wasted in movies like Grand Masti. I saw Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub last in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, and that character also stood out for me. He was outstanding as Imran, the hero of the show as the man of integrity who stood by his protégé. Another surprise for me was that the person who played Shroff was Harman Baweja! I remember his song, Milo Na Milo from Love Story 2050. I remember him as the next Hrithik Roshan! I also used to like another song of his with Priyanka Chopra ‘Jaao Na’! I had to google the date of these songs because I thought how long has it been that he looks so different now! Anyway, his acting is very convincing and he did a great job!

Few parts that touched me

Single ambitious woman is too much

Jagruti Pathak was a woman who walked away from a bad marriage, and worked hard to earn a living, become successful and make a name for herself in a male – dominated industry.  She was targeted because the world has always labelled women who stand up for themselves as witches and burnt them down.  Her scenes in jail were painful to watch and the thought that this could happen to anyone innocent was scary.

There is a scene in the movie where Jagruti’s mother cries that it is so unfortunate that her daughter neither got a good father nor a good husband. It touched me. Jargruti’s ex-husband and her boyfriend both were such losers. Her colleague who was jealous of her, the cop who wanted to sleep with her,  all these men in her life and around her were full of trash. They all only let her down. Actually none of them deserved her. Strong women do not find men good enough for them who match them, that is the truth.  But she had a loving and supportive Nanaji, and Mamaji, and of course Imran stood by her like a rock. The family scenes were very endearing, and both the Nana and the Mama’s acting was very real. The easiest thing to do to malign a woman is to assassinate her character.  That is what happened here too.

Every story is fun until you become a story

I guess somewhere this was one of the messages the show wanted to convey.  Media uses story for entertainment, treats it as a business and even when one of their own was attacked, they chose to use that to their own advantage instead of standing is solidarity with the fraternity.

Clean show   

After a long time I watched a hindi web series that did not have abuse words,  crass sex and nudity, and unnecessarily woke sub-plots.  It added credibility to the entire screenplay.

If you have not watched it,  go ahead. You will get so involved in it!

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