Lust Stories 2 Review: The Maid Story Is the Best, Yet Again!

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I had been waiting for this one.  It is no surprise that I watched it the first day it was out on Netflix.  Quick, no spoiler review, story wise:

Story 1 – Mrinal Thakur ruined it – Rank 3

This one features Neena Gupta as the grandmother of Mrunal Thakur, who is concerned that her granddaughter should have good sexual chemistry with the arranged marriage guy she is planning to marry.

It was a much needed thought.  The story had great potential in a country like India where the typical response for women exploring their sexuality is “To kya har ladke ke saath….”

The answer is ‘Yes.’ There is no other way. Not having sex does not benefit anyone. And no having sex with more people does not diminish your character. These rules were made to control women so women would never know how bad sex with one person is. Once women have choices, they go for the best and that threatens patriarchy.

Sex is an important part of a relationship and even though having a good sex life does not guarantee a great relationship, the lack of it is definitely is the end of a relationship.

Such an important subject was ruined because of Mrunal Thakur’s immature acting, her giggles and her idiotic, cringeworthy responses to her grandmother.  Had someone else played this role differently, the impact would have been so much more.

Story 2 – The best of the lot – Rank 1

In Lust Stories 1, I loved Bhumi’s story.  Here also, the maid’s story with her employer is the best, although it is not what you are thinking.

Konkana Sen knows her craft well, whether it is acting or filmmaking. This story shows lust from a different, refreshing perspective and the employer – maid relationship only adds to the complexities of the situation.  Tillotama Shome and Amruta Shubhash are terrific! Even the actor who played Tillotama’s husband was so aptly casted.

There was a lot to this story – desire, fetish, social status, class, reputation and when it all comes together, it is a treat to watch how people would react to such unexpected situations.

The confrontation scene is very real, and entertaining.  No spoilers.  Watch it for yourself.

Story 3 – Vijay Varma stole the show – Rank 2

This story was more of a horror / thriller story!  The sequence starts out very dreamy and I was wondering why it looks like it is right out of Photoshop.

Vijay Varma and Tamanna have sizzling chemistry.  Tamanna looks gorgeous and her character had a lot of nuances. She was seductive, vulnerable, mysterious all in a brief plot.

Vijay Varma’s character was also very interesting and he made the most of it.  There was an irresistible charm to him.  He handled the complexities of the plot brilliantly.  He is an immensely gifted actor and writing like this brought out the best in him.

Story 4 – What a waste – Rank 4

This story made me feel disgusted from the beginning.  Kajol was wasted. By no stretch of imagination could I imagine that her character could have been what they said she was before her marriage to the horrible Raja.

Kajol plays her role in a very sophisticated fashion nowhere close to what it should have been. The ending is also very weird.  I guess they wanted to show that lust punishes all?

Overall verdict

Give it a watch if you have seen the Lust Stories 1. You will probably like this one too. I enjoyed all except the last story which I wanted to fast forward.

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