Broken In Spirits, and Broken In Thoughts

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Broken in spirits,

And broken in thoughts.

Deprived of every joy

Her mind is in knots


She was fooled yet again,

In the life she detested

Everything she ever liked

Was brutally contested


The pretense was too much

She wanted to break free

Keep going on without a word

Was her family’s decree


They sold the fairytale

Again and again

Years have gone by

She has only found pain


‘Help me!’ she tried to scream

But she was dismissed by all

Each night she cried herself to sleep

Curled up into a ball


She wants this to be over

But there is no escape

Everything she ever wanted to be

Is now a blurred ugly shape


What could she possibly want

They think nothing is wrong

She is the problem they feel,

Stubborn and headstrong.


Remove the soul from the body

It will still survive

Hollow, empty and deceived

She is still alive.


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