You Don’t Make Money!!Chalo, Dil Behel Jata Hai!

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“So, you get paid for writing blogs?”

“No,” I tried to respond with a polite smile.

“But bloggers get ads, no.”

“I don’t have advertisements on my blog. In fact, I have to pay for the hosting space and domain name.”

“Oh! So, it is just a hobby!”

“I have a full-time job. So yes. But not really. It is more of a passion.”

“Oh! Even I have a full-time job. But I am also into real estate broking. I make as much money through it as my job. Thankfully, my hobby pays! Some people have useless hobbies. My wife, she likes to apply mehendi designs for her friends during karwachauth, weddings etc. She does it for free!! I choose my hobbies wisely.” He said with a wink.

This arrogant gentleman undermined my work in seconds by referring to it as a “useless hobby”. I don’t blame him because for some people everything is measured in terms of money.

It reminds me of another conversation I had online with two of my blogger friends . One is a brilliant dancer and writer, who conducts dancing classes for children. A gentleman told her that she does “good time-pass”.  Another blogger friend writes wonderful articles on diverse topics. Someone told her, “Good, now that the kids are off from home, at least you have something to do!”

I am not angry. I know it is not a big deal. I just feel sorry for people who do not understand that something non-materialistic can also give happiness.

If money could give happiness, so many rich people would not be depressed.  I know a lot of creative people who do not make much money out of their pursuits be it – writing, dancing, painting, singing, acting, photography or even gardening, baking, nail art, mehendi design, make-up, cooking etc. But they still do it. With their heart. Because it feeds their soul. It provides meaning to their lives – something beyond jobs, money, things, and relationships.

So, Mr. Materialistic Moron, before you disregard my hobby or your wife’s hobby as “useless”, please  get out and meet more people. Learn more about human behavior, psychology and spirituality. Understand why people do the things they do. Maybe it gives them happiness, something money cannot buy.

My writing is what keeps me sane on days when I feel I will fall into pieces.

The little interactions that I have with my readers through likes, comments and shares is sometimes so much more comforting that my conversations with people I meet.

My writing has made me a better human being, because I try  to put myself in the characters I write about.

You my ignorant friend, have not even learnt to respect people.


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