Two Dreams And A Thought

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Dream 1

Few days ago, I was tensed about something at work.

It was not such a big deal, yet I was nervous. The night before, I dreamt that I was going somewhere in a car, and my late Dadi was sitting with me. Except that there was not one Dadi, but two Dadis! One was old Dadi, the way she was before she passed away, the way I remember her. The other one was a younger Dadi, the one I have seen in pictures. (She may have been that young when I was a child, but somehow my memory of her now is the way she was in her last decade).

Now, the two Dadis were dropping me off to school! Yes. Not office, but school!! It was like a Sports Day or something! Anyway, when I looked at the older Dadi, I remembered that she was no more. So I asked the younger Dadi, “Didn’t we bury her?”

Then the older Dadi replied. “Yes you did. But whenever you need me, I will always be there.”

Dadi was quite cheerful and playful the way she usually was. It was a strange dream. But a happy dream! Two Dadis! One young, one old. Dropping a 30 something me to school! And why did I say bury when it should have been cremated? Dreams are not supposed to be logical. But the takeaway was clear.  

Dadi will always be with me when I need her.

When I woke up I realized that maybe I was so stressed about the work thing,  (or stressed in general) that Dadi had to come in my dream to tell me everything will be okay.

Dream 2

I dreamt that a relative of mine had passed away, and her portrait was lying with us on a study table. I could not see the portrait as it was facing the wall. But it was assumed that it was of the relative. My father informed the spouse of the relative that the person has passed away.

The spouse was distraught. But he said he would not be able to travel / attend anything. This was strange because the relative and spouse live together in another city, and my father in a different city. Why would the spouse be required to travel when the couple lived together?

Like the first dream, this dream was quite low on logic.

Anyway, I was feeling sad that the dear relative had passed away. I was trying to wonder why the spouse could not travel. In between somewhere the spouse was informing the children.

Then, suddenly the portrait was turned. It was not a portrait of the relative. It was a portrait of me! (There is a large print canvas print of my photo in a wedding attire, which my partner had got done for my birthday two years ago). It was the same picture.

It was then that I realized that it was not the relative who had died, it was me! Then it all made sense. My father being the one informing. The relative unable to travel…

Just then, I saw Dadi smiling and holding her arms out to welcome me. She looked happy. The smile was big because she was wearing her denture in the dream (which she wore for a very brief period in her life)! The dream ended.

Of course this was a very creepy dream. But there was something so nice  about her smile – so genuine and full of love.  As if  it’ll not just be okay, but in fact great!!

When I woke up, I had a thought:

Everybody who goes has someone very close, very dear on the other side.

Maybe someone who has been waiting for long.


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