Siddharth Shukla No More: Why! What Is Happening!

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The death of a young person. A very real person. Someone you have been watching on television for so many years that it seems like someone you know.

There will be speculations. Was it stress? Was it steroids? Was there something behind the charming smile and glamour?

It is not mere insensitivity to be asking these questions. It is worse. It is desperation. Desperation to find some answers. We do not want to believe that someone whole and healthy could simply die.

It does not matter why or how.  The only truth is that it happened and it cannot be reversed. Any other thought will only bring more pain to his family, if it all it is even possible to hurt more.

I have not watched Bigg Boss. I did watch Balika Vadhu. To think that Anandi, Shiv and Dadisaa are all dead is unreal. I have to read the line again to believe what I have written.

I watched a clip of Siddharth’s mother and sister today for the first time. The reporter was interviewing them right after Sidharth had won Bigg Boss. His mother looked graceful in her grey hair. Very grounded. Very sensible. She spoke so honestly. She said she felt happy that Sidharth won but she also felt bad for the boy who did not win. His sister said Sidharth’s favourite dishes would be made once he is back home, but she was happy that he has learnt some cooking on the show, and now she will make him cook.

My heart sank. How naïve of them! They had no idea what lay ahead of them. They had no idea how their lives would change forever.

How stupid of all of us. We make dinner plans. We make weekend plans. We make life plans. Everything shatters suddenly. All that is left is ruins.

Someone or something sinister must laugh at us knowing how we don’t know what comes next…

A random day becomes a date that marks your life before and after.

I overheard a conversation as I went for a walk in the evening. Someone mentioned Sushant Singh’s death.

At least it was not a suicide.

At least there was no foul play.

It was a natural death.

What is natural about dying at 40? I don’t know. But such is the world we are living in that it could be so much worse…

I know of so many people in their 40s or younger who died this year.  What is happening?  Why is it happening? Will it be an achievement for this generation to make to the 50s?

I want to say Sidharth Shukla lived a life bigger than most people. He had the most gifted looks, name, fame, money, talent, success. He had so many supporters. ‘Supporters’ not fans, his mother had said in the interview.

Why couldn’t God just let him live?

It’s very hard. Uncertainty hits hard.  The fragility of life hits hard. The cruelty of life hits hard. Death hits hard.

God has taken the very best once again.

Rest in peace, Sidharth Shukla. You were different from others. You were the one who stands out in a crowd. You lived a grand life. You were born to be a celebrity. You were a star and will always be.

But you were supposed to shine right here for a much longer time.




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