Recent Shows On Netflix: My Take

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Sex/ Life

There are some shows I watch with zero commitment and diverted attention. Like when I am working or cooking or reading random things on Facebook and Whatsapp. I watch these shows out of curiosity, and I tell myself that I can leave it any time I want! I kind of even know I may hate it. But I watch it any way. The last show I watched this way was Bollywood Wives or ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’, whatever the name of that show was.

Sex / Life was definitely one of them.  I didn’t just dislike it because it lacked depth.  I disliked it because it was sooooo boring!  The only thing interesting about it was that Billie doesn’t actually cheat on Cooper but only ‘thinks’ about the good times she had with her ex, Brad. The characters are so unreal.  Billie is a very annoying, confused woman who has a perfect husband, lots of money, a big house, two kids and a nanny.

Her life is so perfect that she has ample free time on her hand to imagine what it would be like had it not been so perfect.

Brad is the classic bad boy.  There was some story about his father and why he had trust issues or abandonment issues. I missed that part because my maid was around and I just forwarded the show afraid of God knows what kind of nudity may come up!  So anyway,  Brad is your bad boy cliché – He offers good sex therefore he is commitment phobic and non- stable.  Cooper is the perfect husband – stable, emotional, sensitive, loving and a keeper. When he finds out about his wife’s journal, he doesn’t get jealous or insecure or mad, instead he tries to offer her the best sex and adventure that she had been missing.

He should get an award for being the most fictionaly character ever!!

Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood there is always a bad guy and a good guy. The bad boy is the fun boyfriend who will break your heart. The good guy is the stable one who will have your back.  Can we stop showing rubbish, please!! It affects the mindset of younger women who are clueless about relationships!

Every guy has the potential to break not just your heart but you!

Relationships have limitations!!

It reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend’s mother who was secretly relieved that her younger daughter’s fiancé was not that good looking. She said her elder daughter’s husband was good-looking and rich and he was not a nice person.  She was of the view that a good-looking, rich man has more ego, and is arrogant and he would not treat his wife as nicely as a ‘humble’ man.  I shared this with my best friend at that point of time who was from the U.S. She told me that Aunty’s remark doesn’t make any sense.

‘All guys have a lot of ego, Tanvi even the ugly and poor ones.’  She had said. Sorry for the choice of words of my friend.  I know it is not a nice thing to say.  We were very young then, teenagers. But the point is there are no ‘safe’ parameters for determining how a person would turn out to be.

Anyway, the show got quite ridiculous towards the end.  It was almost comical.  I think a few times I laughed out loud.  Everybody has been talking about how good-looking Brad is, and the entire cast. I did not find any of the three lead characters attractive, but rather uninteresting and they lacked personality.  And regarding ‘the scene’, no it was not real.  It was prosthetics!!

A Big Little Murder

I randomly watched this show on my mobile.  I did not know what is was about. The first scene and I remembered the horror of when it had happened.  I went to DPS Vasant Kunj and Ryan International was on my way and very close to my school. I passed by it every single day. I followed the case closely in 2017.  Most people in the country followed it as it was so shocking and brutal.

The show is just two episodes and even though they have tried not to take sides and show ‘both sides’ since the trial has not yet begun, it is implied that the accused Class XI boy is guilty.

The parents of the accused came on the show although their faces were hidden because he is a ‘juvenile’ . I have hated this term since Nirbhaya. And have hated it more and more with every crime.  From drunk driving, rape to murder these ‘juveniles’ have done it all.  A monster who can slit the throat of a child or insert a rod in a woman’s vagina should not be allowed to breathe and feed on the taxpayer’s money.

The school kids said that the accused had once put poison in a student’s water bottle. The father of the accused is a lawyer and he at least applied some logic to defend his son. But the accused’s mother  was unbelievable! She was in blissful denial! She said that the cops have named her son, ‘Bholu’ because he is innocent! She went on to say, ‘Mera beta talented tha, mera beta keyboard bajata tha, itna achcha tha suddenly spoilt child kaise ho gaya?’

Oh God these mothers of abusive men!! They will never accept their son’s fault.  Her ‘Bholu’ slit the throat of a kid for God’s sake! It was infuriating to watch her defend her son after what he did to that little boy. Pradyuman’s parents were more respectful and calm throughout the show than these two.

The show talked about mental health and somewhere a teacher said the older boy’s killing the little child was a collective failure of the system. Someone should have identified that this young man was unhappy or being bullied that is why he became a bully. I disagree.  There should not be any excuse or sympathy for such monsters.  Everybody faces problems in life.  But some people are pure evil.  A potential killer watching this kind of misplaced sympathy may think of killing someone too in the hope that he will get attention  by doing such a gruesome act. Such killers should just be hanged nothing else! They are not worth our analysis and precious time.

They showed the blood-filled washroom which was very disturbing. I could not sleep well that night because it is scary to imagine any human being’s throat being slit. But to think that a little kid’s throat got slit, in school, in the washroom, minutes after he was dropped there by his father! It was all too much. I remember sometime in another interview the child’s mother had said that he was so cute, she always thought how adorable he looks.  It broke my heart. The father said that he will ‘probably’ not meet his son in this life but if he ever does, he would want to know that he got him justice.

I felt horrible that this child’s parents have to live in a living hell with the reality of what happened to their baby for the rest of their lives. I felt horrible that a little boy who must be scared of the dark crawled from the washroom after he was brutally cut.  But more than sadness, I felt anger towards the parents of the accused.  It seems they have a lot of money.  It brought bad memories of rich brats from school and college and the whole attitude of ‘Pata hai mera baap kaun hai’.  NCR has always been about being rough and flaunting money and power, and shamefully high on crime. I am grateful I now live in another part of the country where people are civilized and respectful human beings.

However, there is another thing that is deeply disturbing. The police originally wrongly implicated the bus conductor. It seems they were under pressure and they tortured him into a confession.  Similar to Arushi’s case.  It was only when the CBI took over, that they caught the juvenile. What credibility does the police have then? The Juvenile’s father used this as his defense too.

The Good Doctor

I am on the end of Season 2. This is such an endearing show!!  I have a crush on Doctor Melendez. I like Doctor Andrews too. Shaun of course is super cute and Claire is just adorable!  All the characters in this show are so well crafted! They all have personality. The show is very deep and the way Shaun learns things! The things he realizes are things that are supposed to be ‘obvious’ except that they are not.  The writing is very clever. It is a very versatile show and highly recommended.

That is it for now! Do share any recommendations or your views of the shows.


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