Indian Matchmaking 3 Review – Time To Close The Shop

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Indian Matchmaking Season 3 is back. It is that time of the year, when we watch rich and confused single desis get more confused as Sima Aunty from Mumbai travels all over the globe to make them find incompatible people who match 50-60% of their criteria!

Sima Aunty has managed to successfully match just one couple so far – Viral and Aashay (assuming they are still together).  And yet, she has not yet given up. Neither has Netflix.   I have written detailed reviews of Season 1 and Season 2 earlier.  I do not have patience to write a detailed review because this season made me angry!

It’s not destiny. It’s You!

If you have watched the show, you would know that women like Priya and Arti are quite independent, confident, good-looking and interesting. Yet, Sima Aunty kept forcing them to lower their standards and compromise and adjust. She put down Priya by saying that she has a disadvantage of being “divorced” as if we are living in the 18th century.  Priya categorically mentioned that she wanted a man with a lot of hair on his head and very honestly she added because she doesn’t have a lot of hair!   And guess what – the first biodata Sima Aunty gave her was of a man who was bald!  If I was paying money for these services, I would have fired her immediately!

After giving her the opposite of what she asked for, Sima Aunty has the audacity to tell Priya that hair does not matter, it is the heart  that matter. Aww!  She shames all women into being shallow for rejecting men they do not find attractive and adds that being “good natured” is important.

A man you don’t know and Sima Aunty doesn’t know must be really, really nice!  Because of course, 99% of humans who walk the earth are angels!  What is this assumption based on? That these men have a good heart or whatever? Nobody is nice once you are married to them!  And if you are not even attracted, then God help you. 

What I do admire about Arti and Priya is that they did not let Sima Aunty convince them into those matches they did not find right. They held their own.  But a lot of women raised in India are not able to do the same, and they end up marrying people they don’t even like thanks to the ill advice of elders.

I would request all Indian parents and Sima Aunty and other aunties to stop matchmaking. If your job ends at introducing someone it’s a different thing. But you undermine women into believing they are inadequate, cannot do any better, and vouch for guys being “nice” who you don’t even know.  Just because you did not apply your mind in your marriage does not give you the right to repeat the same for anyone else.

And to the cute uncles and aunties who appear in the show and say they have been married for 30, 40 years, your arranged marriage did not work because it was great. It worked because:

  • Women were not financially independent and had nowhere to go.
  • You had to be married to have sex so that’s that.

This is a different generation.  Stop fooling people.

Most Immature Character – Nominee 1

I don’t know what to say about this gentleman. He was so unreasonable that Sima Aunty’s reactions  seemed sensible! He wants a “Brahmin” girl who speaks Hindi but not with an Indian accent.

Why shouldn’t he get everything he wants? He is only 39!!

Sima Aunty kept matching him with women who were younger, more interesting, more fit , more witty and funny than him.  Yet, he kept rejecting them.  Older and immature – that’s really not the best combination and yet the process of arranged marriage is such that these women who were obviously better than him got rejected by him!

I guess this is the fundamental of arranged marriage.

Find a man for a woman who is not good enough for her. Convince her that he is a  “nice man” and that she will not be able to do better. When the poor woman gets reasonably convinced, she gets rejected by the man who was not worthy of her in the first place. There, now you can tell the woman that this guy who she did not even find great rejected her! Kill her self-esteem even further which means she must marry the next (unworthy) one immediately!

Most Immature Character – Nominee 2

This pretty lady who reminds me of Cinderella says she is  the “man of the house”. Sadly, being educated, modern, well travelled and a Femina Ms. India runner up does not change the mindset of  people.

No, you don’t have to be the “man” of the house to take care of your parents. Women can take care of their parents. 

Her statement was so regressive.  She kept saying she wants her mother’s food wherever she goes! What is she – 5? I pretty much yawned through her scenes

She should continue with therapy. At least she went to therapy, which is a good thing.

Then, there was Bobby. He seemed like a very popular school teacher. He was probably the least judgmental person on the show.  But he spoke too much. Here again, Sima Aunty made sense by saying he should give other people space to talk.

See, that is how  the people on the show were. That Sima Aunty started making sense!

In the last scene, we have a lady describing all about her son’s likes and dislikes to Sima Aunty.

It was like a horror ending because you know there will be another season.




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