Once Upon A Time She Lived Happily Ever After

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Kavya checked her phone for the 30th time in the past half an hour.

Kunal – Last seen today at 11:48 p.m.

She put her phone away. She then willed the universe:

Make him call me!!!

She checked her phone again. No call. No text.

Maybe he lost his phone… But then how come he was online at 11:48?

Something would have happened… He must be really sick.

Maybe he got a call in emergency, and had to leave town.

Or maybe I should just go make tea. By the time I am done, he would have texted.

Kavya had been dating Kunal for the past six months. He was everything she could have ever asked for. Good looking, suave, and charming. But something was not right. He would never introduce her to his friends, or meet hers. He would disappear for days, only to come back saying that he had been awfully busy. Kavya always chose to believe him despite her friends saying that she was dating a ghost.

Why did she always believe him? Because it was easier. She was not protecting him. She was protecting herself. Protecting herself from accepting the blame for poor judgment. Protecting herself from feeling unworthy of love. Protecting herself from being alone.

She was lost in her thoughts. Until the doorbell rang. Her roommate, Sanaya who was almost 10 years older had returned from her business trip. Her boyfriend, Amaan had picked up her from the airport and dropped her to their place. Kavya felt a pinch of jealousy. Kunal would have never done that. He never even stayed back at her place at night because he had to get up early in the morning.

What made Sanaya such a worthy girlfriend? Where did she lack? Kavya thought feeling bitter. She was pretty, smart, caring, and loyal. What more could Kunal possibly want? Why did he keep saying he did not want to commit?

She would not pressurize him. She was afraid of losing him, after all these months! If only she would stick around, one day he would realize her worth.

“You are so lucky, Sanaya. Amaan really cares for you. Why can’t I get a guy like that?”
Kavya told Sanaya as she checked her phone again.

“Because you settle for guys like Kunal who do not value you. You think ALL the guys I ever met were really into me? But once I realized that they were not, I had the courage to move away from them, even if it meant being alone.

Someone good will turn up, Kavya. But you have to create some space.”

Three weeks later

Kunal looked at his phone. It had been quite a few days since Kavya had texted him. Strange. A girl as clingy as her would just disappear? Had she found someone else. So soon? Had she blocked him?

Her profile photo was blurred. He clicked it. It was a picture of some animated, fairy-tale like character. Where had he seen that before? His niece had made him buy a school bag with that blue picture….

Frozen! Right!

He zoomed. There was some text also:

Yes, I am alone. But I am alone and free.

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