The trade-off

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Two years back my sister and I had both gone to our parents’ place for the holidays. My niece loves dressing up, and like most girls she wants to look good. As my sister, she and I clicked a selfie together she said to me:

“I want curly hair, like you. I hate my hair!”

“Your hair is so pretty and thick. Why do you want my hair?”

“No… I want curly hair. Mine is straight. Give me your hair!!”

She said with the defiance of a determined seven year old.

“Fine. I will give you my hair. But I will take your height in return. I always wanted to be a tall girl. You can have my curly hair but good luck standing first in the assembly line, the way I did at your age!”

“No!!! Why do you have to take my height? You could take my fashion sense if you want!”

“I have my own fashion sense. I am giving you my hair! I deserve better. Give me your height!!”

She thought for some time whether it was a sensible deal. Finally, she said, “No Mausi!”

“See. This is how it works. We don’t like some things about ourselves. And we like some things about others. But every time we want to be someone else, we forget that we can’t just get that thing. We will get their problems and lose our strengths too. So better just be happy and grateful for what we have!”

I was trying to teach her something. But it turned out to be a lesson for me.

There is no perfect trade-off in life..

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