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Up Close & Personal with: Tanvi Sinha, a writer who spotlights social issues and gender equality with her words.

Tanvi Sinha is a young writer and a Chartered Accountant by profession. She focuses on Social Issues and Gender Equality, that people hesitate to talk about.

“I do believe that I can influence society and their mindset with my writing. At the least, I can make an effort towards achieving that. It is better to try than to not try at all.”

– Tanvi

Let’s hear Tanvi’s journey as a writer in her words,

Since when did you start writing?

I have been writing ever since I was in school. My first poem got published when I was in sixth grade. As I grew up, I became busy with studies and work. I had been writing but did not send anything for publishing. In August 2015, I started writing articles for online publications.

What is writing for you?

Writing is what makes me happy. It is fulfilling. Even therapeutic. I feel writing and sharing helps ease pain and heal as well.

Is writing your first love?

It is my only love!​​

Tell us about the genre of your writing:

I write about societal issues in India, that people hesitate to talk about. I also feel that gender equality has a long way to go. I write poems and short stories as well but all of them have an underlying message.

What inspires you to write on social issues and gender equality?

I believe that sharing helps healing. And in order to share, it is important to have people around us who are sensitive, and less judgmental. People would become sensitive again when they hear stories that touch them.

Do you believe that your articles can influence the society and mindset?

Yes, I do believe that I can influence society and their mindset with my writing. At the least, I can make an effort towards achieving that. It is better to try than to not try at all.

Which has been your strongest article till now according to you?

My article “Why I will not teach my daughter to be the good daughter in law” has done very well. It is about a daughter who is very beloved to her parents. But once she is about to get married, she is taught values contrary to what she has been imbibed all her life. She is taught that her parents single-handedly spending lavishly on her wedding are okay. Compromising on her self-respect and dignity is alright because it is all necessary to sustain a marriage.

What is the best compliment or reward that you have received till now?

Every comment, every like and every personal message that I receive is very rewarding. Nothing makes me happier.

How has been the response you have received?

I have got a very good response, thankfully. People have been able to relate to most of my articles / stories. People connect with me personally to share their response, and how the articles have touched a chord with them.

Have you faced any difficulties to establish yourself as a writer?

It is not easy to reach out to people through writing on social media. Writing through established websites such as ‘Women’s web’ has helped me connect with a wider range of readers. I have started my own website recently too – It is a challenge sometimes to compel people to take time off their busy schedules to read something, especially a serious write-up.

How has writing changed Tanvi?

Writing has given me a purpose in life. It is soul searching for me. I am also trying to become a more thoughtful person by trying to understand why people think or behave a certain way, and if it is possible to change that.

Have you ever experienced ‘Writer’s block’?

Yes, sometimes I do run out of ideas or I end up writing on the same subject (which is fine because nobody writes about such topics in India, so even if there are a number of articles on the same topic, it is essentially helping).

What do you do to get out of that?

On my website and Facebook page, I ask people to share story ideas and topics that they would like to be discussed. People always come up with suggestions, and it helps me widen my horizons and think and write beyond my block.

What would you advise the emerging writers to overcome this?

Keep meeting people, understanding their issues and keep reading. We have to keep growing intellectually if we want to become writers. Another important thing is to understand the other person’s point of view as well. Meeting like-minded people is as important as meeting people with completely different views.

Is there any issue on which you are willing to write? (A dream project!)

I would like to grow my website in a way that it creates a platform where people feel comfortable sharing their experiences, like a support group.

How do you choose topics? (By experiences or live examples or something you saw or heard)

Most of my articles are based on my personal experiences. Some current events compel me to write. Some issues bother me more than others, things that are detrimental to our happiness but compliant with society.

Which authors do you always love to read?

I think Jodi Picoult’s books are very touching. The reader connects with her instantly. I also admire Jean Sasson’s books which have created awareness and sensitivity about women in a certain part of the world.

Tell us about your future plans.

I would like to grow my website and reach a wider range of people. I think more people should write about the issues that I write about and more frequently. Then only things would change. I also would like to write a book someday.

Your message to the world:

Life is too short. Live it your way and not to please the society. And living with self-respect, dignity and principles is more important. Lastly, I would like to share this quote that I have read:

‘At any given moment, you have the power to say that this is not how the story is going to end!”

Writer’s website –

Facebook page –

C4N India believes that,

We, as society, really needs a change and for that Words can be a powerful tool to begin Actions

We really appreciate Tanvi’s efforts. Way to go girl!

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