Simran: Kangana Impresses Yet Again

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I know the movie has just released. So, I will not give a synopsis and ruin it.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Simran. The script may be “flawed” according to some elite reviewers but then again it is based on a true story. Yes. Truth is stranger than fiction.

What worked for me?

  1. Female protagonist. 30-year-old divorced woman. She cleans hotels for a living. She is not rich and does not wear expensive dresses. Her make-up, and clothes match her character. There is no hero. There is a “love interest”, who she is not really interested in. She is quite okay rather content with her single status.

2. No unnecessary songs. And no, the heroine does not transform to look gorgeous in the songs. Her look in the songs is as real and natural as in the rest of the movie.

3. In one of the scenes, Praful (Kangana)’s grandmother speaks to her (Praful’s) love interest who admits that he has been heart-broken before. She says that it does not matter if the relationship is the first. What matters is that it should be the last. Bollywood is finally getting over the “pehla pyaar, pehla nasha, pehla khumar”, becoming more practical and mature.

4. Praful asks her arranged marriage guy – What if she has some character flaws? He responds that he is a very progressive man. He wants his wife to be loyal to him after marriage but it does not matter to him if she has had previous or current (?) boyfriends. Praful tells him that is not what she means by character flaws! “Ladko ko patana to art hai!” By character flaws she means what if she is into gambling, or stealing!

A 30 plus man telling a 30-year-old woman that he is progressive because he does not have a problem with her having prior relationships!! That too in the context of “character”! The woman correcting him and showing him his place. Thank you Bollywood!

How many of us have met such “progressive” men?

The song ‘Single Rehne De’ is already being considered an anthem for single women.

Hafte mein chaar bekaar

Aise ristey lekar aate ho

Jaise daily mall mein

Window shopping karne jaate ho

Phir laakhon mein ek aisa sample dhoondh ke laaoge

Aur bina meri marzi us’se shaadi bhi karvaoge…

Can single women relate?






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