Shubh Mangal Savdhan – A good Start But Not Impressive

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Finally I got a chance to watch Shubh Mangal Savdhan.

I was disappointed! If you have seen the trailer of the of movie, you know what the movie is about. When I watched the movie, I felt that it was nothing beyond its trailer. Bhumi’s last movie – Toilet Ek Prem Katha, and Ayushman’s last movie Bareily ki Barfi had raised the expectations. And ofcourse we cannot forget that their first movie together, Dum Laga ke Haisa was surprisingly refreshing.

But since this movie was an attempt on something different and bold, few parts deserve appreciation:

    • Sugandha always wanted a love story but the arranged marriage proposal ruined the opportunity for her. Still, she tries to create romance before her wedding. Without giving too many spoilers, let us just say that she does not hesitate in making a move.
  • Seema Bhargava has mastered the role of a worrying yet modern, middle-class mother of a grown-up daughter. I loved her role in Bareily ki Barfi also. (I enjoyed watching that movie but could not find anything in it to write about).
  • There was no non-sense about the girl’s “izzat”. Her father was more than happy to call off the wedding unless the boy resolves his “gents problem”. He genuinely cared about his daughter’s happiness.
  • Towards the end, Mudit gives a speech on patriarchy. “Mard woh nahi hai jisko dard nahi hota, mard woh hai jo dard nahi deta.” Patriarchy ruins men as much as it ruins women.
  • In a guest appearance, Jimmy Shergil tells Mudit that if the girl he is running after refuses him, he should simply come back. He better not be the “acid attack” types. First Mr. Bachchan. Now Jimmy Sherfill. Bollywood which has loved stalking, and ‘Ladki ki naa mein haan hai’ is finally spreading the message, ‘No means no’.

In this movie, Mudit was a sweet guy. He never got abusive with Sugandha, in an attempt to prove his “masculinity”. He defined masculinity as being good to your female partner. Sugandha is supportive of him too.

In reality does this happen?

Maybe not. But this is a movie. And it is trying to give a positive message. I won’t complain.



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