Love Never Comes Alone

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Love never comes alone,

It brings everything I need.

Smiles, hopes, laughs, and charm

All my dreams unleashed.


Love never comes alone,

It brings with it sunshine.

Everything happy and good,

And moments so divine.


The morning felt different.

Brighter day, and lighter night.

Was everything the same?

Yet it felt so right.


The look in someone’s eye,

That made me feel beautiful.

The trees, the birds, the breeze

Became pleasantly musical.


I was another person,

Happy and new,

Better late than never,

I got my due.


I am a whole person.

I was always complete.

But the person I became,

Was a delightful treat.


What matters is me,

Not the love that leaves.

Yet it took away everything good,

My heart had just started to believe.


For love never leaves alone.

It took everything I had made mine.

All things happy and good,

And every little sunshine.


For love never leaves alone,

It takes away everything I need,

Smiles, hopes, laughs, and charm

As I watch and plead.


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