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Akkar bakkar

The Antithesis [Short Story]

Divorced At 25: How I Rebuilt My Life And Triumphed

A Letter To Rehan: Consent Means Permission

O Knight In Shining Armour, I Want The Whole Fairy Tale!

The Myriad Of Emotions I Felt During My Divorce

Why I Will Not Teach My Daughter To Be The ‘Good Daughter In Law’ [Short Story]

What If Neerja Hadn’t Stood Up To Violence – Of Terrorism And Domestic?

Raising You Right, My Son! [Poem]

The Indian Woman Is Easily Labelled A Witch Or A Savitri. Do You Agree?

Here Is Why An Indian Daughter-in-law Is Often Labeled Uncultured And Rebellious

Disney’s Upcoming Movie ‘Moana’ Tells Us We Don’t Need Prince Charming!

Rape Survivor Pavan Amara Launches Maternity Clinic For Sexual Assault Survivors In the UK

This Story Of How Canadians Helped A Syrian Refugee Family Has Gone Viral

Captain Radhika Menon Becomes The First Woman In The World To Receive The ‘Bravery At Sea Award’

Lakme Fashion Week’s Plus Size Auditions Break Stereotypes That Beauty Depends On Size

Walking Towards Ourselves: Indian Women Tell Their Stories [#BookReview]

Do Surrogacy Laws In India Really Care About The Surrogate Mother?


The Tale Of Backpacking Across India, By Samantha Jo Fitzsimons, An American Anthropologist

Pressuring Women To Marry After Completing Their Education, Defeats The Notion Of Empowerment

She Is Just Another Human Being, Not Her Family Or Society’s Honour!

Women Troll Beyonce’s Daughter On Her Appearance: Ladies, Stop Putting Each Other Down!

Married Women Are Respected, But Societal Attitudes Towards Single Women, Needs To Change Big Time

Movie ‘Parched’ About Indian Rural Women Breaking The Chains Of Tradition, Appears Compelling

The Shocking Story Of Tiziana Cantone Shows Us How Women Are Literally, Shamed To Death

8 (Not) Funny Things Married Men Say, While Hitting On Single Women!

The Bombay HC’s Recent Ruling On Abortion Rights Is A Thumbs Up For Women’s Choices

Here’s Why We Should Talk To Young Women About Self-Worth #Video

Why Is It That A Country So Obsessed With Marriage Does Not Recognize The Need For It At Old Age?

The Shocking Murder Of Monika Ghurde Reminds Us Why Criminals In India Believe They Will Get Away

Why Chetan Bhagat’s Latest Book One Indian Girl Is A Huge Disappointment For Feminists [#BookReview]

Indian DIL Is Not The Evil Bahu From Baghban If She Wants To Live Separately!

Makeup! I Love Using It, And Here Are 10 Things I Am Tired Of Being Said To By Others

Indian Family Courts – The Custodians Of Our Patriarchal Society?

Why This Matrimony Was So Unholy That The Divorce Became The Divine Intervention

These 25 Inventions Transformed Women’s Lives – In Amazing Ways!

The Bridal Pyre – Nainam Dahati Pavakah [#BookReview]

If Grandma Could Choose [#ShortStory]

If Kasturba Gandhi Had A Diary, It Would Read Like The Secret Diary Of Kasturba [#BookReview]

Not By Blood [#ShortStory]

Behind Every Superwoman Lies…An Inconsiderate And Selfish Man!

Half Girlfriend! Which Is Worse – The Book Or The Movie? Take Your Pick

Is 13 Reasons Why Creating Suicide Awareness Or Romanticising It?

The Legend of The Frustrated Spinster Or The Divorcee Woman

The Empty Nest [#ShortStory]

Mom: Sridevi Impresses Yet Again, Despite The Glitches | Mom Movie Review

Single. Indian. Female. Are You Ready To (Seriously) Date Again?

The Correction [#ShortStory]

Anju Jain’s Book Step Up Deconstructs The Effects Of Social Inequity On Women’s Career Paths [#BookReview]

Why You Should Not Sponsor Your Son-In-Law And His Wedding

Jee Le Apni Zindagi! The 20s Are Women’s Time To Make Great Memories

Just Another Day Of Her Life [#ShortStory]


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