I have just one word: Inspiring!!

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Sorry for the delayed post. There was some issue with Tata Sky and Set TV because of which I was not able to watch the episode on television. Finally watched it on Sony Liv app.

Binita Jain ji won Rs 1 crore. This was one of those moments that gave me immense happiness and joy. As if something good had happened to me personally…

When she saw the 1 crore question, she smiled instantly because she knew the answer. Yet, given the amount she thought about it as she did not want to take a risk. Was she thinking this is too good to be true? I will really win 1 Crore?

Binita ji played beautifully. Loved the way she spoke. So humble. So dignified. Calm. She analysed each and every question. I could not help but notice her supportive family. The camera was focusing on them a lot. Her father, who looked anxious yet confident about his daughter’s capabilities. The brother-in-law who was  looking at her with encouragement and pride. And two adorable kids. Her son was very knowledgeable himself, and helped her with the jodidar lifeline where she won Rs 50 lakh. The son was also very respectful and humble.  I loved her daughter’s expressions too. Very cute!

My heart broke for them…

Imagine having a loved one missing. No closure. You do not know what happened.  You have no answers. You wait. But how long do you wait? Do you just accept the worst one day? Or do you keep hope? What is more damaging?

All I can say is God bless this family. They have suffered enough. Binita Ji is a true inspiration for all of us. Instead of getting depressed and being a victim, she took charge of her life. And did the best she could to give it direction. She completed her studies and she also takes tuition. She is amazing.

I salute you Ma’am!

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