Free Metro Rides For Women! What Do You Think

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Shri Arvind Kejriwal proposed free metro rides for women in Delhi.

A lot of women have raised a concern that this was not required.  Gender should not have been the determining factor.  It could have been income but not gender.  We are fighting for equality. This is unfair.  I agree completely. We have worked hard to come so far. I feel this is a regressive move.

I fail to understand how this would help in security. More women, so more security?

Some women are saying that the ones who have money could always pay.  At least the ones who don’t could benefit from this.   I do not think it will happen practically. Once the benefit is given, everybody (all women) will take it. But fine.

Some other women have written posts accusing fellow women of being too ‘elite’ and ‘privileged’ to not support this proposal, without understanding the plight of poor women.

This seems to be the latest trend on social media.  Women putting down other women on how their ‘feminism’ in superior. Instead of discussing an issue, women are making personal attacks on other women on how they are not good to their maids, how their maids should just walk instead of taking the metro.

If you care about low income group women, please go ahead and be kind to your maid, other underprivileged woman you know.   Nobody is stopping you.   Please contribute and make the difference in the way you can.  When we are talking about policies concerning the nation, people will have different views.  There are many factors – politics, economy, gender.   Not everybody will agree with you.

Please do not DECIDE what other PRIVILEGED, ELITE, FEMINIST women should THINK and EXPRESS.  It is great that you are sharing your opinion. Respect others’ too.

If you are spending your energy in putting down other women’s views, good luck with another 500 years of patriarchy.   It does not make you a superior, intellectual feminist. It makes you narrow-minded.

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