Five Reasons Why You Should Get A Short Haircut Once In Your Lifetime

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Sorry for this misleading title.   I do not have any reason for you to get a short haircut! I got one recently. So I wanted to blog about it.  I just thought this title was cool!

Actually let me start with a little background on my hair.

I have had long hair since the time I have been 16.  My natural hair was thick and curly. Curly hair looks amazing when it wants to. If you take care daily.  Most of the times, it is a struggle to manage it.  At 22,  I got my hair straightened (temporarily) for the first time.  It was such a relief that my hair could just be. So effortless. No leave in conditioner. No mousse. No serum.  Ever since, I got temporary ironing / blow dry regularly.  I would consider smoothening. But my question to the stylist would be ‘Will my curls go away?’ The good stylists would respond in the range of ‘Yes’ to ‘Don’t know how the hair would respond’.  Greedy ones would say ‘Just go for it. Your hair is too damaged, lifeless, falling to keep as it is.’  (I have written about parlour bullies before in this article). Finally, three years ago I had the courage to get it smoothened the first time.

Now, once you get your hair smoothened, you have to keep doing it.   Every time the hair gets thinner.  But then if you don’t, it looks ugly.  So you have no choice.  It is a vicious cycle. Every time I got smoothening again, I pledged that I would wait for my natural curls to come back.

But they never did.  Actually, it becomes wavy form the top, and remains straight from the bottom!

So, I keep getting confused between waiting for curls to come back vs getting it smoothened again!

In the midst of this confusion, I thought of getting a hair cut to change my look before a recent vacation.  Husband said it would suit me a lot and I must get it really really short. I did not want really short. I just wanted some change.

Husband: Get hair like her:


Me :  Wasn’t that haircut meant to punish her? And she was also made to walk naked! To humiliate her!

Husband: She kept that hairstyle for three seasons! Because it looked good! Boy cut hair will suit you!

Me: Boy cut! Haven’t heard that since school. I don’t think they call it that anymore!

Husband: Get short hair till chin. It will look very nice.

Me: Nah!

Husband: Try once! What is the worse that could happen!

Me: It could be awful! I would not be able to leave the house for 6 months! I could lose my job!

Husband: Don’t be dramatic!  It is just hair! It will grow back!

Me: Are you trying to do this so that I look ugly and nobody will ever look at me?

Husband: Haha. Just get short hair and see..  It will be the best.

I started searching for ‘short hairstyles for broad faces’.  The results were quite nice actually.  Pixie cut . Short blunts. It was an unexplored world out there…

I liked this one:


Of course I am aware my face is nothing like hers! So I brushed the idea off.

But somehow the thought was stuck in my head.

I kept downloading apps that let you try on new haircuts.  The idea of something new is scary but thrilling.

I soon became obsessed.

My husband’s words along with DDLJ line made me take the plunge:

Kya aap mujhe meri apni zindagi se ek maheena bhi nahi de sakte?

Kya main mujhe meri apni zindagi se ek haircut bhi nahi de sakti?

What’s the harm in trying! It is hair! It will grow back!

So I went to the stylist.  My husband dropped me there while he went to office to finish the work. He explained to the stylist to make is really short.

I felt like I was a little kid when my mother used to cut my hair.   She would make it very short so that it was easy for her.

Once he left I pleaded the lady to not make it too short. As expected, she asked me to do an expensive cysteine treatment first. Now, I do not know if these parlours have trick mirrors but I was looking pretty that day!  My hair was also looking pretty.   The lady told me it is lifeless.  I think it had a life. But anyway, after thinking for 10 minutes, I said yes.

And so my hair was cut short. Really short from the back. And short from the front.  And the wash was the next day. So the following day, it was oily and looked very chipku. Short plus chipku. I was so conscious about it that for some time I thought of working from home!

It has been more than a week.   I bought the expensive shampoo and conditioner they make you buy after a treatment, the one which they threaten that if you don’t use it,  the treatment will go away. Now after spending so much money on the treatment, you obviously try to retain it.

The best part is the comments  you receive after you getting a haircut. Most people like to say:

You got a haircut!!

It is neither a comment nor a compliment. It acknowledges the fact that you did something and we noticed.

Some polite people accompany it with a nice at the end:

You got a haircut!! Nice!!

Others are clever and diplomatic:

It is different!

That is a safe thing to say. Can’t argue that it is not different. At the same time, they are not saying that it is good or bad.

The strangest thing about women getting a haircut is other women mourning the loss of your hair.

Why did you get a haircut!

You had such nice, long hair!

But why!

But your hair was so pretty!

This grief from others for your hair which will grow back is hard to understand!

Also, I realized that people want to know why you got a haircut. You better have a reason.

Just like that!

For a change!

Something different!

Trying something new!

Nope. These replies will be rejected. There would be further probing. People think you can’t possibly be stupid enough to just cut your hair!

They want something like:

I was suffering from hair loss!

I am sick!

I got lice in my hair and had to chop it off!

Just when I thought I was was done with all the new hair comments, my mother’s maid said to me, ‘Didi!!! Baal kyun kataye!’

My father who has no idea that this is a common thing to say among women was surprised.  ‘Bolo Didi baal achcha lag raha hai!’ He corrected her.

‘Itna achha lamba baal tha, didi ka!’ She refused to stop mourning.

Went to meet Maa-in-law. I thought if she doesn’t like my new hair, I could get her to scold the husband.  But she said she liked it.  She told me history repeats.  My father-in-law had also made her cut her hair which was very thick, and long.  It reminded me that my father made my mother have a short hair cut for a very long time, something my sister and I didn’t like but she did keep it for the longest time. I have my theories of why husbands like their wives’ hair short but I will keep them to myself!

Recently, we had a festival, Teej.  I had put on maang teeka and nath.  I was a little worried about pulling it off with short hair, but it looked pretty good.

So this was my short hair story. I am enjoying the new look and it is definitely very easy to manage.  Another blogger friend had got her hair short recently and I loved her hair.  She also encouraged me to try short hair. If you have a short hair story, do share with me in the comments!

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