Book Review: Kunti’s Confessions & Other Short Stories

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‘Kunti’s confessions & other short stories’ is a compilation of 15 extra ordinary stories from the ordinary lives of women.

For generations, women have been conditioned to not express themselves. But every woman has a story to tell. Whether she is a mythological character, a fairy tale protagonist, a veteran actress, a middle-aged widow or a domestic helper. Kunti’s confessions & other stories is a collection of 15 such short stories, inspired by a cue from the books written by popular authors. It is amazing to see that a one line cue, and a mundane situation could be transformed into a saga when told from the eyes of beautifully etched characters.

The language of the book is simple and the narrative is engaging. Each story is refreshingly original. Editors, Aparna Vedapuri Singh and Sandhya Renukamba have done a brilliant job selecting stories that are all different from each other, and yet unified along the central theme of depicting a woman’s emotion – raw and candid.

For those of us who do not find the time to read novels, this one is perfect with each story being short and unrelated. Even if you read just a couple of stories in continuation, it will certainly quench your pursuit for good writing!

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